Benefits of Wood Pellets

Benefits of Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves are probably be the easiest wood burning stove to operate. Typically, they only need to be loaded with wood pellets once every day or two. Loading the pellets is a matter of pulling out the hopper and pouring the pellets from the bag into it. Pellet stoves do not produce any smoke. So you will never have to worry about “smoking out” a room and having to deal with the nasty smell and the dryness. The exterior of the stove is also rather safe in a home setting. There is virtually no external heat on the outside of the stove as it’s burning. Because of this, you can place the stove as close as 1inch away from the wall, plus it makes it safe for houses with children and pets.

Other Advantages

Because the wood is so condensed, the burning of the pellets is very efficient and consists of low moisture. Because of this, there are less harmful gasses that are released into the air. Others may appreciate that wood pellets are the byproduct and not a primary product that is produced from recycled wood at sawmills and they usually come from sawdust, wood shavings and some forms of nuts. Of course the big advantage of pellet stoves is the costs of fuel. Pellets sell for $5 for 40lbs. Which can last over a period of one to two days. Try comparing the price of a month’s worth of pellets to your power bill, you will see the advantage.

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